Coaching and Nordic Walking

Barbara is a qualified 'workplace', 'career' and 'life' Coach and offers her clients the option of coaching while walking.

Barbara states, "I like to do things differently and I have found that combining walking with coaching , my clients have experienced those 'eureka' moments and for some people it has been more effective than conventional coaching. Being outside in a large open space can do wonders for the brain and aid thinking. Feedback from my client's suggest that "in comparison with coaching in the workplace and feeling confined to four walls, a change of environment especially in a wide open green space is very productive for problem solving and creative thinking."

Being coached while nordic walking can be more effective because;

  • We seem to become more mindful, more aware of ourselves and our thoughts. We think more easily and become much more open to ideas. Maybe this is down to the rhythm of nordic walking, the attention we apply when outdoors seems to mproves the quality of our thinking, reducing many of the interferences that often inhibit our creativity.
  • We don't have as many distractions or clutter around us. Maybe it's because we leave a lot of our belongings behind us and with that our responsibilities, our jobs, worries, fears. workload and concerns. And, partially we become free from complexities of our lives, free to be our authentic self and connect to what is most meaningful for us.
  • We are exercise and research suggests that exercise is not only good for our body but also our brain so we naturally feel energised and invigorated: humans have co-evolved with the natural world - and we can feel fully 'present' immersing ourselves in the nautural world and natures medicine even for short periods of time can be very healing, inspiring and thought provoking.
  • We think more spaciously: the external spaciousness we experience while out in green open spaces can reflect on our inner spaciousness encouraging us to have conversations we don't normally have the space, time or context for. People are able to bring more of who they are to conversations they have - and so have conversations that make a difference.
  • We connect to a greater whole and to mother earth: Modern life and offices have isolated us from many natural rhythms and events. When we walk we are much more aware of them because they directly affect us - a beautiful sunset, the feel of rain, the heat of the sun, We notice nature, the trees, colours, plants etc. By living more closely with nature, we realise that we are part of a bigger world.
  • It is engergetic, relaxing and helps us get fitter, lose weight, release tension and helps to destress. We can carry a lot of tension in our body's, we spend a lot of time sitting in chairs, at the computer which can have an enormous effect on our posture and our breathing. When we walk we become so much more aware of our breath and as a yoga teacher I incorporate various breathing techniques into walking which can help release stress and tension.

Barbara says "I have many clients and I have discovered through experience and listening to my clients that it can be challenging trying to separate 'work' and 'home'. Things that are happening in the workplace can naturally impinge on home life and vice versa."

Barbara is a great believer in 'work life balance' and can help you achieve your goals and aspirations and make the necessary changes you want to make. If you would like to discover more or try coaching and nordic walking contact Barbara, for information and fees.