Testimonials from Clients

Nordic walking to a new me! "Over the last 15 years or so I have done little, if any, exercise.  The consequences of too much socialising , a sedentary yet busy job, no children to run after and the lack of exercise paid its heavy price on my waistline and health.  My excuse for the lack of exercise was that I just didn’t enjoy it.  I made half-hearted attempts at joining a gym and aerobics classes but felt inadequate because I was so unfit compared to everyone else. In 2013, it all changed for me.  Health reasons made me start dieting and changing my lifestyle.  After a few months of strict diet, I knew I needed to start to thinking about doing some exercise too.  It was at the Wayland Show that I saw trade stand dedicated to Nordic Walking and found out more about it.  It was from here that I discovered Barbara’s website and booked a one to one session with her at the end of November to learn the technique.  I was hooked from that first session.  Barbara is so friendly and really informative and, in the session, I learnt the technique, warm up and down plus walking both on grass and roads.  I knew that it was something I could do easily and I could fit in around a busy job and hectic social life.

By the end of the same week, I had purchased my Leki poles and my first solo walks was done.  Throughout December and January, despite the wet weather, I have notched up 22 miles around my full time job. I have discovered parts of my village and lovely walks I never knew existed and have loved every second. I cannot wait for the lighter nights to arrive so that I can walk much more." -  Lorraine P. (Suffolk).

"I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's taster session which I found great fun and very addictive! Your uncomplicated and stuctured approach made the morning fly by, and by the end of the session, I felt as though I had been nordic walking for much longer- and I am hooked. I found myself nordic walking with imaginary poles as I walked the dog yesterday, this evening I soldiered down and then up Grapes Hill as I I had to deliver a forgotten purse! I have already noticed an improvement in my posture, So thank you very much."
Zanna (Norwich)

"I went on an intensive 2 hour group session with Barbara and, for me, the pace of learning was spot on.  I found the way she lead us into using the poles very good and at the end of the session I felt pretty confident, although obviously I will need to practice a bit more until it feels totally second nature.  It was quite surprising to me how using the poles improves your posture and I could definitely feel that my upper arms had had a workout too.  Good fun and a fab way of exercising with others in the great outdoors.  To get the full benefit of using poles I do think you need to learn the correct technique from a proper instructor like Barbara because it isn't really intuitive if you don't know how.  Thumbs up from me!"  Gilly (Norwich)

"Barbara, thank you so much for the intro lesson to Nordic Walking.  It was great fun and such an energising exercise.  You were so patient and provided lots of tips and knowledge. Thank you once again, look forward to seeing you on a group walk soon."  Linda (Norwich)

"I had never tried Nordic walking before but with Barbara's patience I managed to learn in one session. I have now got my own poles and am off walking in my lunch hour. I would encourage anyone to try it".    Jill P (Norwich).

"I had never heard of nordic walking until I met Barbara and once Barbara explained what it was I decided I wanted to give it a try. I opted for one to one tuition. It felt a little strange and silly using the poles to start with and getting used to the technique but once I got the hang of it I was away. I could really feel the benefits of using the poles and I was surprised at how fast I was walking and how out of breath I got. I have continued walking once and sometimes twice a week with one of the walking groups and I have met some lovely people who have become very good friends. Barbara is a brilliant instructor, she is fun to work with, completely professional and a genunine caring, nurturing and helpful person and if you really want that cardio workout you can do one of the walks that involves interval training where you run, walk, and skip, now that does get the heartrate up. I have lost weight while walking, having fun and socialsing, I would definitely recommend nordic walking with Barbara."   Kate B (Norwich).

"For several years my main fitness activity was running, up until 12 years ago when I began to experience discomfort in my knees and therefore I made the decision to stop running. I missed the 'buzz' of being outdoors and running and over time I lost muscle tone. Through nordic walking I hope to regain the muscle tone and once more experience that feel good factor of running but without the stress on my knees. One of Barbara's objectives in life is to help people whether it is self development; rehabilitation from injury or general health and wellbeing, Her patient, calm nature supports all of those who come under her care. Under her epxert tuition she has helped me develop the technique of nordic walking and once more rekindle the 'buzz' I enjoyed from running."    Jane (Norwich)